Flowers and Mint // Day 14

April 22, 2013

Saturday night I got together with a few Young Life girls to play games at Starbucks. I brought along "Loaded Questions" since none of us really knew each other that well...

Whats your favorite inspirational movie? Remembering the Titans, Les Miserables, The Biggest Loser...
What would you do if you learned that a nuclear bomb was headed to the U.S. in 2 hours? Um, call my mom... obviously!
Would you rather speak every language or know how to play every musical instrument extremely well? Speak every language.

Silly questions? Yes, possibly. But a fun way to get to know each other nonetheless. In my circle of friends I typically hold the "listener" card. I'm not shy but am definitely more on the quiet side, especially in large groups.  One of my goals this year was to become a better conversationalist. While I think a big part of that is being a good listener;  knowing how to ask good questions plays an important role too. I've always admired people who can create good conversations.... conversations that motivate, inspire people to dream, create laughter, foster a comfortable atmosphere [goodbye awkward moments!] and build friendships. I think its definitely an art! Spending time with great conversationalists and adding a few good questions to my repertoire has definitely helped. However, there's no teacher like experience and with most things in life practice, practice and more practice is the key. Does a good conversation fire you up like it does for me? What are your favorite questions of choice?

Happy Monday friends!


  1. so, what are your favorites?? I am curious. You were intentional and grew! :) LOVE THIS BLOG......and you!


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