Jetlagged // Day 15

May 10, 2013

Tuesday night our plane touched down at LAX. It was bittersweet leaving Nepal but it feels so good to be home again. What an adventure! This was my second time traveling internationally and I did not anticipate the amount of jetlag I would feel coming home. Han and I got back to the house around 10pm but didn't make it up to our beds until 1130. I'm not a fan of taking sleeping pills but decided to take 2 in order to get a full night of sleep. Well, something went wrong and by 5am I was awake... wide awake! I guess the powers of jet-lag overpower sleeping pills? Someone should have told me! I stayed awake the whole day, said no to an afternoon nap but still another unwanted 5am morning. I guess you just have to roll with the punches when it comes to these things. Especially since I realized yesterday that the timezone jumping isn't over, its just beginning! On June 2nd I fly home to Minnesota [YAY!!] and then take a "few" trips through early July...

MN --> GA --> MI --> MN --> MI --> MN --> CO --> MN

Alright, jet-lagged self. Hold on! Its gonna be a wild next few weeks :)

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