Crazy Skirt Round Two // Day 13

April 16, 2013

 The weekend of birthday celebrations flew by and here we are... its already Tuesday. This week the transitions begin-- last day of work tomorrow [celebrate!!] and a week from tomorrow night I jump on a plane to visit a best friend I haven't seen in over a year. I think it hit me Saturday afternoon when Hannah and I were booking hotel stays,

"Yes, our trip is HERE! We're actually going. This. Is. Happening."

Along with all the excitment came a huge wave of feeling just plain overwhelmed. The OCD organzier/planner in me immeditately jumped to the overflowing to-do list running laps in my head. "How in the world will we ever be ready?" "Are we really prepared to be running around Nepal for 12 days?" It's in times like these that I'm slowly learning, done is better than perfect. In the end, things always seem to have a way of falling into place and coming together -- its never worth stressing over. I've already told my OCD-planner to take a vacation... I'll be planning the rest of this trip by myself :)


  1. So cute. That is such a fun skirt and I love the green shoes. Creative pairing :)


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