Gingham, mint, and learning to rock the windblown look // Day 12

April 12, 2013

Earlier this week it was CRAZY windy. I walked out of my office on Monday to see tree branches scattered all over the ground and leaves whirling through our parking lot. It was the kind of windy day when you give up on a good hair day by 10am and take strong determined steps when you're outside to ensure you don't get whirled up into the sky among all the leaves. By 5:00 when I got home the winds hadn't died down even a little bit so this photo session into a crash course on modeling and rocking the "windblown" look. I still need some practice ;) Sunny days are my favorite but theres something special about windy days. They bring things into perspective for me. They remind me about how small I am and how big God is -- unfortunately, my prideful self needs to be reminded of this a whole lot more than I would like to admit. I love that God gives us reminders like these in simple but powerful ways like the wind.
Have a great weekend friends!

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