ocean views

March 28, 2015

Took a much needed getaway to California earlier this month. I suppose it technically was a vacation but going to a place that feels so much like home can hardly be summed up in "vacation". The familiar coastal drives, favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants, local farmers market, and sunsets over the ocean brought back fond memories from when I used to live out there! It was crazy to think that it had been TWO YEARS since my last visit. Trust me, it will NOT be that long before I go again :) Coming home was bittersweet. The friends and community out there feels much more like family and in recent months I've come to realize just how rare and special friendships like those are. I'm currently not-so-secretly tempted to pack up my bags and move out there again. As far as I'm concerned if all my MN friends move out there with me it really will be the BEST place to be. Right?

photos are from a beach day in Santa Barbara and Malibu.

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