Reminder to self

October 29, 2013

Some days I have big plans for all I could accomplish but end up only crossing off a few things like cleaning and laundry.

Today is one of those day.

Some days I don't shower until 4:30pm.

Today is one of those days.

Some days the writing part of blogging doesn't come easy and I feel like giving up.

Today is also one of those days.

But, some days [TODAY] I need to kick myself and remember...

 its not about being busy and getting things done "perfectly".

Some days its okay to enjoy the "quiet/uneventful" and embrace the imperfect.



  1. A big AMEN to this. These days happens often to me, and I affectionately (or unaffectionately, sometimes) call them my icky days. I just try to give myself grace + forget about it so I can start tomorrow over as a new day. Miss you!!


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