Choosing to be still

October 8, 2013

This idea of "living clear" hit home over the weekend. I stepped back and realized how much clutter I'd let seep into my day to day. Clutter plants seeds of doubt, fear and second guessing, it takes us away from our core, the Word, real life, and what really matters. It overwhelms us and when we're in deep over our heads it can immobilize us.

I don't know about you but I KNOW the things that usher clutter into my life, and I'm not just talking about a physical pile of papers overflowing on a desk :) Staying busy and having a full schedule makes me feel important and productive but at the end of the week I usually feel depleted and run down. Building a community on Instagram makes me feel popular but thats not what it should be about. There's nothing wrong with these things in themselves but when they pile up, consume our days and fuel desires that aren't healthy our real identity and purpose in Christ becomes cloudy and we're easily overwhelmed.

October for me must be a month of pressing restart and creating more "clear". Less focus on stuff and gearing up for the holidays, more focus on gratitude, being still, and taking action on the things that really matter.

Less time on the computer and following peoples lives on Instagram. Less time focusing on the "I wants/needs" and more focus on giving away and being grateful. More time being restored by the Word and taking actionable steps on what I'm reading. It means fueling my body with healthy food, exercise, and 8 hours of sleep. More quiet mornings focused on listening to Gods voice instead of jumping out of bed and focusing solely on a productive day and getting things done.

image credit: Gina 

On Saturday I took half of the clothes out of my closet and packed them underneath my bed. Gone for the month of October. Last Friday, I deleted Instagram and Facebook off my phone because I've been so glued to it the last few weeks. Sometimes it means starting with the small things to get you where you want need to be.

But, you want to know the best thing about clearing the clutter? It makes room for the things that give you the ability to see clearly, live with purpose, and face your day to day with clarity. Last week, I listened to Steven Furtick's sermon: "More Likes" and it was REST to a weary girls soul.

“How can you be conformed to the image of God when you’re consumed with how you’re presenting yourself to others? [...] When you’re so focused on pleasing others you have nothing else to focus on Christ."

Anyone else been there recently? Hand raised! I know I have. His words point me straight to the core of why I need clear. When clutter seeps into my life all too often the first thing to go is Him. I hope this can be a month of clear for each of you too. Would love to hear how you're adding clarity to your days as we close in on the end of the year and what really matters -- feel free to post a comment so we can encourage each other :)


  1. You put my recent feelings into words. Thank you and I am going to join you this month! LOVE YOU! <3

  2. Absolutely LOVE this post Julia! Honestly, it's been on my mind a lot lately too. Thank you for your boldness in taking actions against all the business.

  3. I just moved the social media apps to a folder on the last page of my phone under the heading time waste. Let's be clear and free together friend!

  4. Ha I feel like this is exactly what I've been struggling through this past month over here in China as well. Thanks for the motivating words!

  5. More amens than I can type! This was water to my dry bones. Whenever I let myself slide down into the clutter, I end up feeling drowned by so many good things and overwhelmed with choices only to lock myself in my room to hide. CLEAR gives me a picture of FREEDOM. clutter makes me feel sick and chained. Thank you for being so open and honest, julia! Love you.

  6. Love this, julia! Thanks for sharing your heart and inspiring me to rethink my priorities as I learn to rest in the stillness and goodness of our Savior.

  7. Love this, love you beautiful girl! Thanks for this awesome reminder....much needed in my life!


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