We blinked and then it was gone // Summer 2013

September 5, 2013

Oh hey, gorgeous Colorado mountains and finger... oops!

Summer was a crazy one.

June 1st, I put on my "traveling shoes" and didn't stop running until mid July. Moving back from California, home for three days, traveling to Georgia, home for a few, road trip to Michigan, home for literally 24 hours, and a week in Colorado. Oh and did I mention that was over the course of one month?

Traveling was great but in those few pockets of days at home God spoke and said THIS IS HOME.

Okay, back up with me for a minute.... I'd be lying if I said I'd left California completely confident that moving home for "good" was the right choice. Living by the ocean in the sunshine state with mountain views outside my window not to mention the amazing friendships I had just left [and still dearly miss]. I desperately wanted confirmation I was in the right place. Between the stopping home to do laundry and sleep in my own bed for a couple nights I got coffee with a few friends. I won't go into too many details, but it was in those deep, honest, tearful conversations over iced chai at Caribou I knew I was were I was supposed to be. Being home didn't promise to be easy but theres something about that clarity of mind and feeling of peace that you're where you're supposed to be. Wow!

Chillin with these cool kids at camp :)

The theme for camp in CO was Broken from Isaiah 53:1-6. I went thinking I didn't need that message and that I had it all together. HA! As always happens in those brief fleeting moments of "together-ness" I think the Lord has a good chuckle [as He should] and then invades our hearts with truth about who we are and who He is. That week in the mountains was so needed and so good.

Mpls Farmers Market.

The last week of July and first weekend in August was one of those "ugly-awesome" times. Ever have those? Awesome because they're usually filled with lots of good things, friends, and fun times. But ugly because in the midst of all the fun you realize you've stretched yourself too thin, are a little sleep deprived, grumpy, stressed, and just no fun to be around.

Biggest lesson learned in those "I packed my schedule too full and am now paying for it" weeks?

Sometimes you have to say no to good things.

Julia, you can't do it all. You're meant to do it all. You're stretching yourself too thin. Stop. Take a breather.

The second week in August I put on the brakes and did a lot of re-evaluating. I tried to be intentional about those last few weeks in August, they weren't perfect and had a few bumps along the way but they were good. Going to art museums, the state fair, getting tea with friends, bonfires, yummy dinners on the patio, focused times in the Word, choosing gratitude, and breakfast outings at adorable cafes. These things filled me up to the brim.

Happy Thursday friends!

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