Visiting Joel

June 12, 2013

Growing up I never imagined I would be closely related to someone in the military. Yes, my Grandpa's and uncle had served when they were young but I didn't think it would ever be anything more than that. You can imagine my surprise when my brother started to express interest in joining the Army. I inwardly, selfishly hoped it was just a phase/interest that would pass with time but that wasn't the case.
People always ask me... "How do you feel about having a brother in the military?"

While I honestly wish we could have him close to home and going to college like a normal high school grad you can't argue with a brother that feels called to the military and is passionate about fighting for freedom.
It felt so surreal sitting in the stands at Fort Benning watching him graduate last week. I know it always comes out sounding so cliche but a sister can't help but feel proud of a younger brother in moments like these...


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