Polka dots and even a necklace // Day 8

April 4, 2013


I hardly ever wear it and never once have I had the infamous "arm party" to show off like my stylish friends on Instagram. Trust me, this girl would only having a "solo arm party" if she did. A watch.

My outfits of choice usually revolve around layering different pieces of clothing but when I do add something more its always a scarf [as you can see in the past few days, I'm slightly obsessed :)]. I like to think I accessorize with my hair too. Braids and a top knot are my go-to when the curls become a little too rebellious for their own good but different hairstyles definitely bring new life to outfits.

How do you accessorize your outfits? Are you jewelry people? Or are scarves your go-to? Or maybe you abstain from both?!

Well, I hope today's outfit makes all of you jewelry people happy because these are few and far between but I'm gonna try to get better. While we're at it will someone please teach me the art of a proper arm party? If I'm in the middle of getting creative with my clothing looks, now is the perfect time to learn, right?

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. I don't have enough quality jewelry to wear it often...but my goal is to get at least a few pieces together for an arm party this summer! ;)


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