Gingham and Grey // Day 7

April 2, 2013

This weekend I got to take my first little vacation of sorts. My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins live about 2 hours north in Riverside so I finally got to see them. I love spending time with family. The laughter, stories shared, and fellowship was so good for my soul over this Easter weekend. We had eleven kids ages 12 and under running around the house so maybe it shouldn't have felt like a restful weekend but it did. I think when you're doing things that matter [regardless of whether it includes 11 kids squealing and running around full power through the backyard] you leave feeling fulfilled and rested in your soul because you're doing what matters.

What did you guys do over Easter weekend?


  1. love it. I love real life people who make real life imperfections known. Props, ju. You're making this world a better, more honest place.

  2. Totally recreating this look for work sometime! Hello lovely indeed ;)

  3. I love your hair that way - you should do a tutorial :)


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