Brown & Blue // Day 6

March 27, 2013

It's been a week since my first post ya'll! A few more outfits and we'll be in the double digits. There have already been a few things that have stuck out to me since starting this little challenge and they don't all have to do with clothing either:
1. I've learned a lot about blogging. I'm a perfectionist and like to revise and rewrite until I get it nearly perfect. Thats great but only to a certain point. In the past this has meant maybe one post a month if even that. Being forced to blog nearly every day is teaching me to be okay with "imperfect". The more I blog the more I'm finding my voice in writing. With each day its become easier and I'm getting clarity and direction for where I want to take this little blog in the future.
2. Deciding what to wear is so much easier when theres fewer clothes to pick from. LESS IS MORE! I'm seriously considering rotating clothes in and out of my closet on a regular basis so I'm not choosing from over 40 pieces. I don't know about you guys but all too often I'm finding myself standing in front of my overflowing closet stressing about what to wear. I know, first world problems but it happens! A decision that small doesn't deserve to take up that much mental space at the start of my day. Its just clothes! I'm confident that simplifying my closet on a regular basis will streamline my mornings and help in avoiding stressful moments. This is a win-win all around!
3. Its also been a great way for me to see what I do have and definitely don't need to buy as well as some good pieces that would really add a lot to my wardrobe. I'm expecting this to be even clearer throughout the rest of the challenge. Investing in hunter boots, a dress from Madewell, and an olive green military jacket are at the top of my list right now. They're all a little spendy so let the budgeting fun begin :) 


The "Ohhhh-MY-WORD! We have TWENTY-FOUR MORE OUTFIT POSTS TO GO!" face [excited but maybe a little overwhelmed :)]
Scarf // Sweater [hand me down] // Shirt // Pants // Boots


  1. awww YEAH.
    julia, I love that you're posting daily now, and not just cute outfits but good words to go with them. keep up the great work, lady! :)


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