30x30 Remix

March 18, 2013

"Fashion is what you buy; style is what you do with it"

Last year, a friend introduced me to Kendi Everyday; a fashion blogger from Texas. I was instantly inspired by her style -- Jcrew infused with Anthropologie, so cute! While pouring through the pages of her blog I stumbled upon her "working closet series" and the "30x30 remix". It was a little saving grace for the girl whose closet was getting nowhere fast and was just adding random cute pieces hoping that somehow her style would suddenly emerge and she'd have one of those big "...Ahhhhha" moments. Well, that much needed "Ahhha" moment never happened and each shopping trip continued ending in more money spent and on clothes that looked good with one outfit but that was it. I knew something had to change.

Once I actually got rid of the pieces that were confusing me [goodbye adorable-confusing-expensive Anthropologie shirts], and established the "each piece of clothing must be able to be worn at least 3 ways" rule, I felt a shift. Making outfits was easier, more fun, and I was excited to shop because I had vision for the pieces I wanted and if the stores didn't have it... well, I didn't buy it! <-- Huge money saver, friends. HUGE!

This is the next step for me. The 30x30 remix is fun way to get creative with what I DO have. I tend to buy new pieces hoping that they'll change my perspective on my closet and suddenly I'll see lots of outfit potential but I don't think this is the right way to approach it. So, I'm doing this: choosing from the clothes I do have and working with that instead. A little forced creativity never hurt!

Want to join in? It's easy!

1. Pick 30 pieces of clothing
2. Make 30 outfits

Bonus // I'm choosing to not shop for the duration of the challenge. Whether I save it for a big splurge at the end or put it into my savings is still in question ;)

This challenge isn't just for the super fashionable or well styled, so if you're already counting yourself out for that reason, you'll have to find another excuse. If you're feeling stuck with the clothes in your closet and want to get creative and shake things up I really hope you'll join me. This is for fun! Be sure to comment telling me where you'll be posting your outfits. I can't wait to be inspired by each of YOU! I'm starting this coming Wednesday and will be posting my outfits here.

Who's in?

My picks :: 6 pairs of shoes // 4 button-ups // 4 pairs of pants // 3 skirts // 1 dress // 5 sweaters // 7 shirts


  1. Such a cool idea! I'm definitely going to have to check it out:) can't wait to see some of your fun new outfits! ;)

  2. This is awesome :) Please post pictures of your outfits?! I'd love to do this, but seeing as I'm in a weird transition stage with my wardrobe (daily having to figure out what currently fits and what I'll need to modify to fit over my growing belly) this probably isn't the best time! But I'll definitely keep this in mind! :)

  3. I want to do this too! Such a great idea to start off the spring season :)


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