Making All Things New

April 8, 2014

Spring is making an appearance over here in MN despite our recent April snowfall! I can't help but laugh. Friday morning I could barely get into work because of the snow and last night I sat around a bonfire with friends wearing a casual long sleeve shirt. How does that weather change that fast? Only in Minnesota :) 

Its been an eventful year so far. From Joel coming home for a few weeks in February before his first deployment, hosting our first retreat with the young adult group at church, juggling the transition to a new job [!!], deciding to move into Dinky Town for the summer months, taking a five week photography course, and going to Texas for a discipleship conference not to mention working full time, these last few months have flown by. 

About a week ago I joined a few people from our church leadership team for the Verge Conference in Texas. What a refreshing and empowering few days -- I'd highly recommend it to any leadership team in ministry. The theme was redeemed to redeem.

redeem :: to buy back; to release from shame or guilt; to change something for the better; to make good.

Think about it, Jesus not only wants to redeem us but everything about us. He redeems our leadership, the art we create, our plans and dreams, our influence, our relationships. This redemption changes everything, doesn't it? We were singing Thursday night at the conference and it hit me, tears streaming down my face, speechless, because of this God who takes our nothingness and turns it into something beautiful, something of value, all for His glory. I continually need to be reminded of this. Don't you? Redemption isn't the end, it's the beginning. 

Happy Spring!

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