Creating Art // A recap of our meet-up with Lydia Jane

August 19, 2013

I used to think getting inspiration as an artist meant following the top photographer's blogs and pinning the best poses as inspiration for my next shoot. Now I know that only leads to dead ends and there's a much better road to take.
July was a great month and the first chance I had to take a deep breath after moving back from CA. Traveling was done and I finally had a chance to connect with people back home... like these sweet ladies. Friends, meet the girls from my photography group and [on the far left] my talented friend, Lydia who came to speak. They're wonderful!

A topic for our July meet-up was a no-brainer when I knew Lydia would be there. If you've seen any of her work you know she has a gift for capturing stories and creating art with her camera so it was a pretty easy decision... the art of photography.

That morning Lydia shared her story as a photographer and started a conversation about photography as an art -- centering around these questions:

 What inspires you? How are you filling yourself as an artist?

She contrasted pulling inspiration for weddings from the photography industry [Pinterest, photography blogs, etc...] and being inspired by different types of art [paintings, movies, music, etc...].

Now, theres nothing wrong with photography blogs, Pinterest, and connecting with other photographers. But, if this is our primary source of inspiration are we actually growing as artists and improving our art? Or could we simply be recreating whats already been done?

She told us about being at weddings while the girls are getting ready and instead of thinking about how "so and so" would capture the shot or a getting ready photo she'd seen and wanted to recreate... a favorite painting would come to mind or a scene from a movie would inspire her instead. You see the difference?

While Lydia shared her photography story she talked about a "shift" in her own journey... when she started filling herself up with the art that inspired her. And friends, it shows! When I look at the images she's taken I feel like I'm looking at a painting because these are the things that are influencing her work and setting her apart.

How would your art change if you were creating images based off of what really inspired you instead of simply recreating an image thats already been taken? I know it would make a difference for me! Personally, I've turned down the noise on the industry and surrounded myself with the things that DO inspire me [old photos, going to Art Museums, watching some of my favorite movies] and I've felt a shift; a change of perspective.

Take a peek at her blog but then get out and be inspired by what really inspires you :)

*All photos in this post are by Lydia Jane. You can find more of her lovely work here:


  1. Yes! What a lovely post - and a much-needed reminder to me. And Lydia's work is certainly gorgeous!

  2. This is so true and good! Now that you've mentioned it, I have found it more enjoyable, healthy, and fruitful to fill myself with other art and things I enjoy as a person, as opposed to other work in the industry. I need to continue down this road now!

  3. I just saw this for the first time! This day was such a highlight. <3 Thanks, friend.


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