Polka Dots and Mint // Day 3

March 23, 2013

Last night Hannah, Lydia, and I ventured to Westlake Village for dinner. We'd heard people raving about this new restaurant called Lemonade and decided to check it out. The atmosphere was fun and lively, modern design for the table and chairs, and bright white walls contrasted with lemon yellow accents. The food was served cafeteria style but not at all what I was expecting. Imagine all of your Mom's most delicious and creative home cooked meals but being served gourmet and in a hip restaurant. I loved the creative liberty they took with different dishes. Who would have thought edamame, sesame seeds, and snap peas would make a great salad, but it worked! Lemonade is definitely not to be qualified as an American, Mexican or Italian restaurant either -- each dish tastes as though cultures from all over the world took a little piece in preparing it. When all was said and done I opted for the BBQ brisket with basmati rice for my dinner. Ammmazing! Although the cucumber mint lemonade did catch my attention you can't go wrong with old fashioned lemonade so I opted for that instead. Maybe, I'll get a little more adventurous with my drink of choice the next time we go! And for all of you wondering, of course I'm already plotting how to bring this amazing chain out to the Midwest when I come back home :) 

Jeans // Button-up // Purse [thrifted]


  1. Julia, I want to cry for how beautiful you are. CanNOT believe you thrifted that purse. What sort of thrift stores are you shopping at????? Haha love the outfit, love the story, can't wait to go there with you one day!!

    1. This is annaliese joy neiman by the way.


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