Back in Cali

January 28, 2013

It was two weeks ago that I landed at LAX airport.  It was honestly a little surreal driving home down hwy 405, back in the land of sunshine, palm trees and mountains. So many memories from the last time I was living here came flooding back. Life has changed so much since then. I've changed so much since then.

There was no easing into a routine those first few days. I had Monday to unpack and get settled; and by Tuesday I was starting work at the office. I was exhausted by Friday and don't think I've looked forward to a weekend so much in a long time! I guess that's what a few 8 hour days in a dark office with no music will do to you. Saturday was a little taste of summer. Hannah and I drove down to Malibu to drop one of the girls off at their voice lesson and stopped at Zuma beach. That short hour was a highlight of my time here so far. There are few places that fire me up more than being by the ocean. The sunshine, sound of crashing waves -- its a little taste of heaven on earth.

Jumping on board with the YoungLife team here in Camarillo has occupied a lot of my time too. Between leadership meetings, bonfires at the beach, sing-a-longs to T-swift, late nights at In-an-Out, and crazy highschool basketball games -- I've been busy but having lots of fun. Over the weekend, 15 of us drove up north to Lake Hughes for a regional leadership retreat. It was a perfect time to get to know the team, refocus, and get rested. Living somewhere for just 4 months can be a little chaotic but I love the adventure of it. Being here last year taught me a lot about diving in! You have to be very intentional with your time because it goes by so fast. I wish I could have this mindset more often. For me, it becomes more about relationships and the people around me. I spend less time focusing on my to-do list or things that waste my time like Facebook or Instagram. I think this is one of the reasons I'm excited to dive into YoungLife during my time here. Big things happen when you're focusing on what matters. I'm not sure what exactly will unfold in the next few months but I'm expecting big things!

Happy Monday friends!

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